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Binance Proposes New Transparency Framework to Rebuild Crypto Trust

• Binance has released a policy paper proposing a detailed, actionable framework for centralized exchanges (CEXs) to promote transparency, trust, and safety in the industry.
• The framework urges CEXs to prevent unauthorized use of customer funds and build secure crypto custody solutions.
• It also suggests disclosure methods like proof of reserves and risk management practices such as loan collateralization.

Binance Proposes New Transparency Framework

Binance, the world’s major crypto exchange by trading volume, has released a policy paper proposing an actionable framework that centralized exchanges (CEXes) could follow to foster industry transparency, trust, and safety. This initiative comes in response to the numerous dark events of the past year such as the FTX collapse and other high-profile bankruptcies which have dented the image of the cryptocurrency space. Regulators across various jurisdictions are tightening regulations on crypto market participants and Binance is taking a lead role in promoting transparency.

Prevent Unauthorized Use Of Customer Funds

The proposed framework urges CEXs to try as much as possible to prevent the unauthorized use of customer assets and build secure crypto custody solutions that allow for seamless depositing and withdrawal of funds. Exchanges should provide customers with ways to verify their crypto assets are safe via robust disclosure methods such as proof of reserves that must be technically adequate, updated regularly and based on reliable technology like zk-SNARKs which cannot be falsified.

Risk Management Practices

Centralized crypto businesses should also imbibe proper risk management practices such as refraining from running operations with borrowed funds or creating user protection funds that would cushion effects of unforeseen circumstances like heists on customers. Proper loan collateralization should also be implemented where appropriate.

Rebuilding Trust In Crypto Ecosystem

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, users will increasingly demand more from CEXs leading them to rise up to meet these demands for security and trustworthiness within the ecosystem. Rebuild trust is critical for cryptocurrency’s future success so it is essential these measures outlined by Binance are taken seriously by all stakeholders within this space including regulators who will ultimately decide how stringent these guidelines need to be enforced for maximum safety for all parties involved.


It is clear that cryptocurrency companies must take steps towards increased transparency if they want users’ confidence back in their products & services – initiatives such as those proposed by Binance can go a long way towards restoring users’ peace of mind when transacting in digital currencies while giving oversight authorities assurance that there are checks & balances in place protecting against irresponsible behaviour within this sector going forward.