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Zero-Value Bug Found in Bitcoin Ordinals: Debug It and Win 10k Sats!

• Super Testnet discovered a bug in the Bitcoin Ordinals program, with zero input and output values.
• The bug could be debugged by upgrading the system, affecting all inscriptions after 3492721.
• English-speaking Bitcoin maximalists are willing to participate in the challenge but risk losing 10,000 sats if it is unsuccessful.

Super Testnet Discovers Zero-Value Bug In Ordinals Program

Super Testnet, a bitcoin-focused independent freelance software developer, found a bug in the Ordinals program on May 5. The program’s inscription No. 349272 had zero value in output and input but could be programmed into a number. The bug founder said it could be debugged by upgrading the system, affecting all inscriptions after 3492721. Super Testnet immediately provided a guide and invited other programmers to conduct similar tests on Ordinals.

English-Speaking Bitcoin Maximalists Join Challenge

English-speaking Bitcoin maximalists have shown readiness to participate in the challenge. However, the Super Testnet warned that anyone willing to participate in the challenge would lose 10,000 sats if it is unsuccessful. The testing focuses on opposing inscription activities in Bitcoin space on layer 1 and a design elaboration for the Spacechain sidechain. The maximalists suggested that the inscriptions be done on layer 2.

Bitcoin Transactions Hit New All-Time High

The bug was identified barely two days after Bitcoin’s daily transactions unlocked a new all-time high with over 3 million Ordinals inscriptions. Data from Dune Analytics show that the number of NFTs linked to the Bitcoin blockchain spiked to three million earlier this week. The NFT inscriptions run on the Ordinals Protocol, which allows users to inscribe data to digital art in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Introduction Of BRC-20 Led To Meme Tokens Boom

The 3 million surge was partly fueled by launching the Bitcoin Request for Comment (BRC-20) token standard, allowing users to issue transferable NTFs directly through the network. The introduction of BRC-20 led to a massive building of meme tokens and a digital artwork collection on the Bitcoin blockchain. The market capitalization of meme tokens increased to $137 million on May 2.


Overall, Super Testnet discovered an important zero value bug in its ordinal program which was quickly fixed but caused some disruption for people using it for their transactions or activities related with cryptocurrency such as meme tokens trading or art collecting . This event also showed that English speaking maximalists were eager and ready to help improve bitcoin technology even at risks of losing some money during experiments